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MADONNA DI TIRANO - An explosion of scents and colors in the name of authenticity and an optimal quality / price ratio.Excellence rural house located inside the store "Farmers of the Alps" which opens its doors on square Basilica. Opened August 10, 2012 has already been besieged by residents and tourists.

A crowd of people is, in fact, assiepato at 18 out of the new activity where not far, just for the occasion, were also excellent cooked Chiscioi. The small treasure trove of delicacies of the good earth Valtellina, grown with rigor and foresight during the year by the professionalism of Luke Divitini and Benedetto De Campo, called "Pilot", councilor and true expert in the field, offers apples, potatoes, tomatoes vegetables of the highest quality, freshly picked mushrooms. But also wines of De Campo, typical juices and all the fertile soil of the valley can offer. But not only. Fruits and vegetables strictly Italian from the fields and farms of the area, but also from outside the province. Production methods that respect nature and the environment. There were flattering comments from the customers for the quality of products (fruit, among other things, was instantly bitten just after the purchase). Lively and animated the opening time has also seen the arrival of special guests: the entire junta headed by mayor Peter Del Simone.Il new store is within the points in the project Campagna Amica Foundation Campagna Amica Coldiretti. These exercises are linked by a qualified network able to make valuable contributions to the development of Italian agriculture. Undoubtedly a guarantee of the highest quality for the consumer. "It 'sa total safety for the customer" - said Benedict De Campo - "We have products Piranesi and our local businesses, but also products of selected farms are part of the Campagna Amica Foundation such as the oil that comes from Diano Marina ". Maximum transparency and authenticity, then, are the watchwords for Divitini and De Campo. A new challenge for all vivere.Un 'other gate up in the square after the inauguration of the Basilica of the past few days Parafarmacia.Indubbiamente a good sign showing that this part of the most picturesque of the city, at the foot of the sanctuary, both in a new phase of recovery. A well-deserved renaissance given the extraordinary beauty of the symbol of the valley. Warmth, genuineness and delights Valtellinesi are among the best strategies for boosting the recipes and to discover Tirano promoting democratic coexistence. Attention and ensitivity to the consumer to make an offer obliare inefficiencies often pressed bustle, without a doubt the best business card. "Really tasty fruits and vegetables that encourage the purchase! We will definitely come back! "- Some customers have commented during the inauguration with bags full of excellence of Valtellina.

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